*Nationality Declaration Package & Papers*

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As an Aboriginal American National Tribe of the Republic on behalf of ISelfLawAmMaster.com, The Nation Liberation De Washitaw Aboriginals have all justification, authentication and certification to issue Tribal Certificates on behalf of the American Aboriginals of North, South and Central Americas.

This Nationality Declaration Package is a complete Kit for one to Publicly put Officials on notice with Certified Tribal Seals & Paperwork. In each package we will do an extensive research and connect you two Generations back to your American Tribal Klan, Give your a Tax Exemption Sheet, and more!

In Each Package all items will be sealed and delivered via USPS. The Submitter will receive:

  1. Certificate of Nationality Sheet & Exemption
  2. Certificate of Indigenous American Tribal Nationality Citizenship
  3. Genealogy By Jus Soli & Jus Sanguineous
  4. Genealogy Certification
  5. Tribal Name & Property Declaration
  6. Official Record of Birth

Please Allow 7-10 Business Days to Complete Each Nationality Package. Be Prepared to give your Name, Birth Date, & some personal information about your family history in order for us to complete our research and complete your papers. Thank you!

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