Mortgages & Discharging Debt WEBINAR (Step-by-Step)

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In This Webinar BrothaTruth will break down the importance of the Real Estate Market, Mortgages and using the Administration Process to Rescind your Mortgage. He will also explain how to officially re-convey the property, & effectively reclaim back the Beneficial ownership of your Home’s Title Deed! If you already have a current Mortgage and are currently paying monthly bills on it, than THIS is the course you need to sign up for! STOP paying Monthly bills on Fraudulent Liens and Debt that never truly existed in the first place!

Prevent future Foreclosure by exposing the Loan/Mortgage as a fraud on public record in the County. And if they ILLEGALLY still try to foreclose on you, We will show you how to Collect all the evidence on them so that your liable to also Bring a Suit against them if you so please! If you are facing a foreclosure you need to learn how to terminate your debt! ​It doesn’t matter what type of loans you have. Because the system of centralized banking itself is a criminal scam it can be easily exposed for what it is by simply asking a few key questions that’s banks can never answer.

They can’t answer these questions because what they are doing is a fraud. When banks fail to provide answers to these questions they fail to provide valid proof of their claim that you owe them a debt. When your claim that you do NOT owe a debt is not rebutted with valid proof, supported by an affidavit under notary seal what you said in your affidavit will stand as fact-evidence in the case. case over you win.

​Remember the rules to submitting evidence in the Federal Rules of Procedure. 

An Affidavit of the facts must be under notary seal or self notary (right big toe and right thumb print) – for those who don’t have access to notary or are foreign to USA INC. What you say in court is here say, write down the facts on an Affidavit and have it Notarized. If the prosecution fails to rebut your Affidavit under notary with one of their own under notary from a witness, then what you said will stand as un-rebutted fact in the case.

​All you need is our Administrative Webinar which also comes along with a Online Video, Questionnaire, and Templates to walk you through the process STEP BY STEP!

Don’t lose everything when you don’t have to. Get our debt package today and follow the instructions in the webinar! In this lesson alone, BrothaTruth will PROVE that modern day slavery is REAL, and DEBT is a “Sin” that we must all take ourselves from by breaking the confines of the Matrix!


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