Acquiring a Non-US Citizens, *Nationals* Passport!




In this Webinar BrothaTruth will break down the In’s and Out’s of Applying for a Non-US Citizens *Nationals* Passport, The Laws that support our Rights, and Exactly what it means to have a *Nationals* Passport compared to a Regular US Citizens Passport! This will definitely be a hot Webinar that you DO NOT want to miss!

Many will Say a National’s Passport is not needed, but from extensive research it can be utilized as a Legal, Commercial instrument that helps one conveniently travel from Country to Country “by air, land or sea”, and Automatically puts officials on Notice of your *American National Status*! Forget rolling around with any “License”, and get a national’s Passport approved by the Department of State!


  • Sample Templates on Exactly How to Fill out the Passport Form
  • A custom ($100) Supreme Injunction Included to trump Special Laws provoking you from receiving your Passport
  • Walk through recording and Open floor for Questioning
  • Color of Law Violation Warning Form
  • and More!


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