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Which Courses Do We recommend Every Student Start With?

Answer: Estate Planning 1-5


1. The DS-4194 What do I put in section 2? if I select No

A: Just select “No” and move on to the next Question. There’s nothing more you need to fill out in that Section

2. Hello, should I use my maiden name on the affidavit of beneficial ownership since (or if, because I’m not too sure) that is the name affiliated with the trust?

A: Indeed, some people actually go back to change their birth certificate after they get married, but if you never did just use the Maiden name shown on your current birth certificate.

3. Am I able to submit mine and my daughters at the same time to the Secretary of State Authentication office or should I do them separately?

A: Yes you can do them at the same time, No problem

4. In dealing with my personal affairs, Who is the Secured Party and who is the DEBTOR?

A: The DEBTOR is your Strawman (Ens legis, All Capital Name) used in Public Commercial Trade that is Controlled by the “Secured Party” (Which is You, the Living Spirit).

5. Why would you use a country not involved in the Hague Convention?

A: Because the only way your State Secretary will issue you a Authentication for your documents is If they are to be utilized in another Jurisdiction outside the U.S. thats not contracted in with The Hague Convention. The true purpose of your Authentication is not to travel to another country, but to get a certified copy of Your Birth Certificate so you can use it in another jurisdiction which will be your FOREIGN TRUST. Its key to know that commercially speaking, your Foreign Trust IS a “Nation”

6. When trying to order the “Birth Certificate” the Vital Statistics website only has two options, but I do not see an option for “Long Form”.

A: Call your vital statistics personally and tell them what kind of form you need for authentication. They’ll then tell you which Birth Certificate form will correlates the same as a Long Form Birth Certificate

7. In the event one wishes to utilize “el” or “bey”, when is it appropriate to begin using it in the documents you will start to submit?

A: Most people “Do business” in the Public in their same given name, and Just use their “El or Bey” in the Private. And then you have some people who use El or Bey in the Public because thats all they want to be called. Truly the choice is yours, but an Legal name & Status change by court order is what you would really need to change your Name in their Public System.

8. Where do I File the SF 181 Ethnicity Change Documents?

A: You fax it and mail it in to the Offices Located in the Directions of the template for the ethnicity change…No need to “File” the document specifically anywhere.

9. How would I go about the authentication process if I don’t have a U.S. birth certificate? I have a birth certificate from another country.

A: Just complete the exact same process in the your Native country. Or if you are a US Naturalized Citizen, just use your Naturalization Papers to Authenticate

10. The power of attorney template you speak to in the video is way different from the one provided on the site.Would you please help clarify the newest template?

A: Well sometimes we record videos, and go back to switch up some of the documents to make things a bit simpler; and this Power of Attorney template is much easier to comprehend. The Document is the Same concept, just laid out in a different “Simpler” format. All you have to do Is Put your Government “Strawman” name as the DEBTOR and sign for it at the bottom. Along with listing your Appellation at the bottom and signing for it as the “Secured Party”…Other than that, the Content within the document is the same as the last one

11. What If my state no longer issues Authentications, Only Apostilles?

A: That is Fine. Accept the Apostille and continue for with the process because they will still “Authenticate” your document on the National Level.

12. Can I authenticate all documents (titles, Deeds) i.e Car Title, Birth Certificate, Home, etc. etc.?

A: Yes you can authenticate them AFTER you have first authenticated your birth certificate.


#1. The FEIN space in the security agreement, Is that the Federal EIN # for the Situs Trust?

A: Yes that is correct.

#2. In relations to the business trust, Can the Maker be one of your trustees?

A: Yes in a sense. Because the Executor (The Maker) could still be alive and Also a “Trustee” over the Trust as well.

#3. Is the Sovereign name which you refer to as the the name to be assigned to the business trust the same as the foreign name we’ve created in the 2nd SS4 Document?

A: We recommend keeping your Business Trust (Doing Business as) as your Government Name, and your 2nd Foreign Trust as your Appellation (Sovereign Name). 

#4. Since the Maker is the ALL CAPS fictitious entity, who signs in the signature spot? Since the live person will be listed as the Trustee…will that conflict if I sign as both the Maker and Trustee?

A: No It will not conflict if you sign as both…..As of now its literally a “Living Trust”, meaning the original Executor/Trustor is still “Alive”, you would still sign as the MAKER/EXECUTOR and TRUSTEE whose still alive operating the trust. Now when you pass, There will be a “New” Trustee to operate your Trust, but the Executor and original “Maker” of the trust will always be you in “ALL CAPS”

#5. How many trusts are we setting up? Family Trust, then a Business trust and finally a Foreign trust? 

A: You will be creating three different entities.

– Your estate entity
– Your 1st foreign Trust entity that you do business in the public with
– Then your second foreign Trust entity (family/Appellation) that you transfer all of your public assets to. Basically your foreign family trust is the trust that you never really use in “the public” to actually conduct business with. It’s strictly the trust that you transfer all of your public assets to just to secure them.

#6. Where does the DBA that we set up come into play?

A: You always create a DBA for any entity you’re doing business with in any local County… For example when you create your trust and erect a EIN number, it’s probably best that you go ahead and get a DBA for that trust in your local County because technically now you’re doing business in that county through your Trust to handle your affairs. it’s kind of like a formal way of putting their public system on notice that you’re “Doing business” in their jurisdiction through your foreign trust.

#7. If you don’t have an appellation, do you still need a DBA? 

A: If you dont have a appellation different from your normal name, you can just apply for an Assumed Name (DBA) in Your First Middle Initial and Last Name. Its important that you get a DBA in your Name so you can control ALL business transactions within that county that deal with your Name (Property)

#8. What if you dont have anything to put in the trust, can i still make one?

A: Indeed of course…. In the future you will have assets and it’s best to go ahead & prepare ahead of time by creating your trust aka “your Personal backpack”.

#9. What is the best way to add assets to your trust, once it’s created?

A: Just add them to your physical Trust Documents by “amending your trust” and writing them in. Secondly you would document new Additions to trust by filling a UCC 3 (Which is like a Deposit Slip) With the Secretary of the State AFTER you’ve already setup your UCC Trust Account.


#1. In the video it states the ss4 for the corporate (strawman) in section 8a is a llc and 8b for members put 1. 9a the video says put that it is a trust. However, on the template it has other/central bank of issue as the reason for applying. Could you elaborate on this?

A: Our Strategy and Approach on this has Changed Since we released the video….Therefore just follow the updated Template and that will work just fine. No longer do we feel that there is a need to Register your Foreign 98 Entity as a LLC, we advise just erecting it as a trust

#2. Step two in the video says to apply for a DBA or Certificate of Assumed Name for business. Is this in the county of birth or where you currently reside? If it is where you currently reside, does it matter if this is another state?

A: You can apply for the DBA in the County you reside in, because that’s where you Currently Live & Your Strawman is being “Traded” in that local commercial market as a Business Entity.

#3. My estate number started with 83 not 82 is that ok?

A: Yes it is ok

#4. On the SS4 Document can I just put any foreign address of a home, business, building ,etc?

A: Yes that is fine, it just has to be Foreign so their IRS System will process it as a foreign number

#5. Just for clarification, I am to get one 98 Ein number for the foreign trust, and the estate and corporate trust will be connected to that 98 Ein foreign trust through the 8832 forms?

A: Correct…. To be technical, Your Estate Will be Connected to your “Corporate” trust via 8832, and Your Corporate trust connected to your “Foreign” Trust Via another 8832. All in all its like a “Ladder Connection”


#1. When doing the DBA do we put our “appellation” as the registered owner or our names in Last, First, Middle?

A: You can put Either or Actually, whichever you prefer. Most use their appellation.


#1. Please advise regarding the duplicate package to Puerto Rico and the purpose of this certified mailing.

A: Its just a proper way of putting that treasury of The United States on Notice who also serves as one of the main divisions for their Corporation

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